Coronavirus Advice & Guidance

This page has been designed to provide up-to-date information, guidance and advice with regards to Coronavirus (COVID-19) for constituents in New Forest East & New Forest West.


If it is essential that you must go out please keep your distance! ….. which is at least 2 metres. 

Government advice for staying at home and social distancing click here 

NHS information on Coronavirus click here

If you need medical help, please use the 111 online coronavirus service.

Please click here for the Government's stay at home advice if you think you may have coronavirus,  and here for more general information.

For Government advice for Employers and Businesses click here

Coronavirus Hampshire Helpline - 0333 370 4000 (7 days a week, 9am to 5pm)

Hampshire County Council Coronavirus website click here


New Forest District Council - Help and advice for residents click here

MacMillan Cancer Support (Comprehensive advice for people with cancer about how COVID-19 will impact their treatment & care) click here




Lyndhurst & Emery Down Community Emergencies Actions - Facebook Support Page

Totton Isolation Group - 07733 452068 -

Waterside Self-Isolation Support Group - 07782 951660 - - Facebook Support Page


Bransgore Coronavirus + Support Group - Cllr Mark Steele on 01425 673030 or Facebook Support page

Damerham Support Network - 01725 518538

Hordle Village Neighbourhood Help COVID-10 - 07867 502624 - Facebook Support Page or Hordle Parish Council on 01425 611119

Lymington Coronavirus Support - Facebook Support Page

Milford on Sea Covid 19 Mutual Aid - Facebook Support Page

New Milton Covid Support Group - 01425 542019 - Website click here - Facebook Support Page

Ringwood Coronavirus Assistance - 01425 542031 - Website click here - Facebook Support Page


Elderly & Vulnerable Priority Shopping Hours (Please check for updates with the store in your area)

Sainsbury's - Thursday, the first hour of opening

Tesco - Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 9am -10am (not Express stores)

ASDA - Friday, from store opening until 9am

M&S - Monday & Thursday, the first hour of opening

Iceland - The first hour of opening, every day

Morrisons - Monday to Saturday, 9am - 10am

Waitrose - The first hour of opening, every day

Aldi - Check with your local store

Lidl - Check with your local store


The Cottage Loaf Bakery (Fordingbridge/Damerham) will deliver bread to those in self-isolation on 01425 652460

The Alcove will deliver papers to those in self-isolation on 01425 653083

Gourmet Grocers (Fordingbridge/Damerham) will deliver veg, cheese, milk and jams (etc) to the eldery and self-isolaters on 01425 658007