NFE Patrons Forum

This is the place for those who want to meet with visiting MPs and other leading figures and have a two way discussion with them as part of a small group. The Patrons chairman, Derek Tipp would be delighted to hear from any member who is interested in joining. 

The first meeting of 2022 was on January 28th when we welcomed Rehman Chishti MP. We had a wide-ranging discussion which covered a number of topical issues including the energy and inflation problems, how to respond to a possible Scottish referendum, and the lessons learned from Covid. 

Our second meeting was on April 1st when we welcomed Mark Francois MP who was a leading Brexiteer and serves on both the Public Accounts Committee and the Defence Select Committee. At a very well-attended meeting members concentrated the discussion on the war in Ukraine where Mark was able to give an update on the situation as he had just returned from a visit to Berlin and Warsaw with the Defence Select Committee. We ad a most informative and interesting discussion. Those who went on to attend the lunch were also able to hear Mark give a  fascinating and detailed account of the parliamentary proceedings of Brexit with particular emphasis on the role of the European Research Group, of which he is now the chairman. Members found this to be most inspiring and they bought all the copies of his book on the subject signed by Mark himself.  

We now look forward to our next meeting which will is currently being organised. Stay tuned for details!